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Stateside Bingo Software

What is it ?
Bingo caller software for 75 number bingo (for Windows PC's only).
Card printer.
Card verifier.

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Version 6
Some of the latest features:

FAWN - Fully Automatic Win Notification. The software now can now tell you when & which cards have won.
Prize Money can now be entered and displayed on all screens.
Barcodes can be printed on the cards for easy input of serial numbers into the Session Manager (used for FAWN).
A new flashboard layout (5x15) down the left hand side of the screen.
Extra licence durations - 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
Multi-display capability. How many displays ? How many do you have ??? (must be separate displays as identified by Windows)
Simple on-screen editor so you can move & resize almost everything to suit your requirements (only for callers screens, not for the main UI).
An option to call only the numbers that are required for the current pattern (in a multi-pattern game).
By request, a new game mode - Worst Card - where the winner is a clean card (no numbers marked).
Some of the improvements:
The size of the flashboard and most other display controls has been increased.
The Session Manager now updates quicker/smoother.
The maximum amount of custom cards you can enter into the software has been increased from 30000 to 99999.
The maximum amount of combinations allowed in the Pattern Editor has been increased from 200 to 300.
Lots of other general code improvements and optimisations.

General features

The Session Manager is where you setup your bingo sessions. You can save your session information and reload it later which is ideal if you play regularly.
Dropdown selectors make it easy to use.

Stateside Bingo Session Manager

Bingo cards

Orange bingo cards with barcode
Lilac bingo cards with pattern shading
Blue bingo cards with inverse pattern shading
Bingo cards with user defined column letters

Bingo patterns

Stateside bingo pattern editor

Bingo caller

Stateside Bingo bingo caller screen
Stateside Bingo caller screen with prize money displayed

Bingo checker

Stateside Bingo checker showing a winning pattern