Lee's Bingo

Lee's Bingo Software

What is it ?
Bingo caller software for 90 (and 80) number bingo (for Windows PC's only).
Ticket printer.
Ticket verifier.

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Some of the latest features:
Multi-display capability. Must be separate displays as identified by Windows. Previous versions could only use a maximum of two displays.
Prize money can now be entered and displayed on all screens.
Main UI can now be scrolled if using a low resolution display (so user can see all tabs).
Options added to show/hide Previous Number, Total Numbers Called, Ticket Colour and Game Number displays (for all screens).
Export and Import of all settings now possible.
Option to stop the sound being played when FAWN detects a winner.
Extra voice file for Quick bingo (Lees Bingo quick short).
Some of the improvements:
The Session Manager now updates quicker/smoother.
Game sheet printing.
Creating data logs is now optional.
Lots of other general code improvements and optimisations.

General features

The Session Manager is where you setup your bingo sessions. You can save your session information and reload it later which is ideal if you play regularly.
Dropdown selectors make it easy to use.

Lee's Bingo Session Manager

Bingo tickets

Lee's Bingo red 90 number tickets
Lee's Bingo green 90 number tickets with background
Lee's Bingo 90 number extra large ticket
Lee's Bingo lilac 80 number tickets
Lee's Bingo yellow 80 number tickets with background
Lee's Bingo turquoise 80 number extra large ticket

Bingo caller

Lee's Bingo regular bingo (90 number) caller
Lee's Bingo quick bingo (80 number) caller

Bingo checker

Lee's Bingo regular bingo (90 number) checker
Lee's Bingo quick bingo (80 number) checker