Lee's Bingo

Free 7 day licences are now available for Lee's Bingo, Stateside Bingo and Easy Raffle which are ideal if you only need to use the full version on a very limited basis. Only one free code will be issued in a three month period. Longer licences are available to purchase.

Due to various reasons I'm no longer selling tickets - sorry folks !
If you need tickets that are compatible with Lees Bingo V8 please try here https://clubandeventsupplies.co.uk and look for the Edward Thompson tickets. Please contact the webmaster there if you need any more details.

Welcome to Lee's Bingo

Bingo is great for parties, fund raising, pubs, clubs, schools and fun for all the family.

Why not try a free demo of the bingo caller software, you can even print your own tickets and get started right away.

Or, if you prefer, you can have electronic tickets on your phone or tablet with the 'Bingo Tickets 90' app.

Lee's Bingo Caller Software
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