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Frequently asked questions

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Q1. Can I use the same registration code on two computers ?
Yes, each registration code allows you to use the software on up to two computers at any one time.
If you wish to use the software on more than two computers at a time please purchase further registration codes.

Q2. Can Lee's Bingo software automatically verify tickets bought from the website ?
Yes, the software includes the ability to auto verify the tickets I sell. This feature will not work with other types of tickets purchased elsewhere.

Q3. Can I print the tickets using one computer and call the numbers on a different computer ?
Yes, the tickets printed on one computer can be checked using a different computer but note that both computers MUST be running the same version of software.

Q4. Will the registration code I have for an earlier version of the software work with the current version ?
No, registration codes are version specific. So for example a V4 code is only suitable for version 4 software, a V5 code is only suitable for version 5 software etc. Look at your registration email for the V number or version number. If you're unsure please use the lookup tool.

Q5. I need to reformat my computer. Can I make a backup of the bingo data that I have saved ?
Yes, copy any folders and their contents to your backup device.
When you re-install the software make sure you enter your registration details before copying the above files back to their correct location.

Q6. Do you guarantee that all the tickets printed by the bingo software will be different ?
Yes, all tickets are unique so no two tickets are alike.

Q7. If I use the software to print my own tickets can I mix large and extra large sized tickets with standard sized tickets ?
Yes, absolutely.

Q8. Can I get the software for Apple or Linux systems ?
No, bingo and raffle software is only available for Windows and apps are only available for Android.

Q9. Do you supply any software on CD or other media?
No, the software is download only.

Q10. What resolutions can I run the bingo at ?
The recommended minimum is 1024*768 or higher. You can go as low as 1024x600 (Netbook users) but it’s not recommended to run in a window at low resolution.

Q11. Can your bingo software tell me when somebody has won and stop the game automatically ?
Lee's Bingo Version 8 and Stateside Bingo Version 6 have this ability, earlier versions do not.

Q12. Can I get the software in any other languages ?
No, the software is only available in English.

Privacy policy

This privacy policy governs the manner in which I collect, use and disclose information collected from the visitors and customers of this website.
This website contains links to other websites which may collect their own information. It is the visitors responsibility to read the privacy policy of any other websites visited.

The personally identifiable information that I collect may include any of the following:
E-mail address
Postal address
Telephone number
I.P. address

Other information I collect
Payment type
Price paid
Details of goods and services purchased

Information I do not collect
I do not collect any information about customers credit or debit cards.

How I use collected information
Collected information is used for software registration tracking, stock control and accounting purposes and is stored in a database.
Any or all of the collected information may be used for personal statistical purposes.

Disclosure of collected information
I will not knowingly give out, sell or otherwise distribute any of the collected information to any third parties unless required by law.


Lee’s Bingo software started life around September 2002 as a hobby project.
When it was finished I thought that others might like it too so in 2004 I registered the lees-bingo.co.uk domain, set up this web site and Lee’s Bingo was born.
Stateside Bingo software was added in 2005 and Easy Raffle in 2006.

In 2010 the range was expanded to include more bingo products including tickets, pens and dabbers, all of which are at a very competitive price.

If you have a question or a feature request please let me know and I’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours. I don't promise to include all feature requests but if you think you have a way to make the software better for all users please contact me

Software History:
Lee's Bingo
Version 1 - 2004
Version 2 - 2005
Version 3 - 2006
Version 4 - 2006
Version 5 - 2008
Version 6 - 2010
Version 7 - 2012
Version 8 - 2016
Stateside Bingo
Version 1 - 2005
Version 2 - 2006
Version 3 - 2006
Version 4 - 2008
Version 5 - 2011
Version 6 - 2018
Easy Raffle
Version 1 - 2006
Version 2 - 2012
Version 3 - 2019