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Easy Raffle Purchase

Important - please read before purchasing

You are purchasing a licence for the current version of Easy Raffle software.
This licence allows you to use the current version of software on up to 2 computers at one time and only works with the current version of Easy Raffle software (it will NOT work with any other software).
The unique registration code you receive when you register is a digital item (not physical goods) delivered by email and is a non-returnable, non-refundable item.
You will NOT receive the software on CD or other media - it’s download only (please see the downloads page).
Make sure you’ve downloaded and tested the software on the computer(s) you intend to use for bingo before purchasing.
Please read the terms and conditions

Pay with PayPal

Easy Raffle Full Licence

Price: £4.99

Allows you to use the full software for as long as you wish.

Ideal if you intend to use the full software on a regular basis.

What happens after I pay ?

After your payment has been completed you will be sent a registration email which contains further instructions and a link to the registration page.
You should receive your registration email within a few minutes (usually instantly).

When you’re ready to register click the link in the registration email and the registration page will open in your browser.
Fill in the required details (name and email address) and your unique registration code will be generated and emailed back to you (to the address you supplied) along with instructions on how to enter your details into the software.
** This is the registration date. Your licence period starts from this point on.
The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes.

If you do not receive your registration email within 10 minutes please contact me (please remember though that I'm not sitting at my computer 24/7)
Sometimes these emails get blocked or filtered as spam so please check any spam/junk folders first.
Several troublesome emails are btinternet, hotmail, gmail, yahoo and comcast. If you have one of these email addresses there's a very good chance you won't receive your registration email as your ISP blocks my emails. Don't worry though, just drop me a nice email explaining what's happened and I'll try to sort it out. If you make contact first I can usually get my emails through.