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Easy Raffle Software

What is it ?
Random number generator for picking raffle numbers (for Windows PC's only).


Version 3 - New for 2019
Some of the latest features:

Larger reels with better animation.
Uses as many reels as are needed. Previous version was fixed at six.
Multi-display capability. Must be separate displays as identified by Windows. Previous versions could only use a maximum of two displays.
The format of the prize description text can be changed.
Main UI can now be scrolled if using a low resolution display (so user can see all tabs).
Export and Import of all settings.
All secondary display screen can be shown/hidden with F9 key.
Options for editing the text for buttons etc. so user can change the text to suit their own preferences.

General features

How it works

Easy Raffle is split into two main parts: prizes (1) and tickets (2)

Enter the total amount of prizes and adjust the quantities and descriptions if required.

Easy Raffle prizes tab

Input the colours and quantities of tickets in your draw.
Add a security number too (optional but recommended).

Easy Raffle tickets tab

Draw the numbers
When you've added all the prizes and tickets you can start to draw your numbers.

Easy Raffle slot machine display

View and print the results (optional)
When the draw is complete you can view and print the results.
.txt and .csv files are also available so you can view and print the results using third party software.

Easy Raffle view results