Lee's Bingo

Easy Raffle Software

What is it ?
Random number generator for picking raffle numbers (for Windows PC's only).


Some of the new features:
Up to 6 digit numbers can now be used.
The colours can be edited.
An option to allow re-entry of drawn numbers for a chance to win multiple times.
The amount of tickets sold can be saved.
Multiple books of the same colour can now be used in the same draw.

General features

How it works

Easy Raffle is split into two main parts: prizes (1) and tickets (2)

Enter the total amount of prizes and adjust the quantities and descriptions if required.

Easy Raffle prizes tab

Input the colours and quantities of tickets in your draw.
Add a security number too (optional but recommended).

Easy Raffle tickets tab

Draw the numbers
When you've added all the prizes and tickets you can start to draw your numbers.
To display the numbers you can use either a slot machine style display...

Easy Raffle slot machine display

or you can use a simple non-animated display.

Easy Raffle simple display

View and print the results (optional)
When the draw is complete you can view and print the results.
.txt and .csv files are also available so you can view and print the results using third party software.

Easy Raffle view results